From Desk of Chairman

Dr.K.R Sharma
The fast changing business environment is changing the mindset of the professionals. No more the thinking to won country markets. The view is on global markets and to get access o unexplored business potentials. He risks are high but the lure of the return is attracting corporate to new postures. The future promises are to be event more challenging. A Professional today has to be much more alive to the changing economic and business scene and should be in a position to use skills to best advantage. The Institutes, shaping up the professionals have a crucial role to play in the changing environment. They have train the upcoming professionals not just in the traditional subjects, but also to go much beyond the contemporary issues that affect the business of today.
The global economy is poised for a high growth and the only professionals who can cope up with the challenging environment will become successful. The Curriculum calls for a higher degree of being aware to the change and should train the new generation professionals in skills that make him an effective and efficient professional. We need to train them not only to be professionals but also to be effective leaders.

The Professionals are a function with vision that transcends boundaries and should have the quality of learning and implementation as well. The Institutes has to instill confidence and leadership qualities in the upcoming professionals and mould them to a whole personality. They are also to be educated on the need for being professionals with human values so that they would be respected leaders in their areas.

We, at Patronage Institutes have a vision that symbolizes the dynamism and human values. We have worked out a curriculum that would dynamically address the issues of the future and give the professional such a training that would bring out the leadership in them.

Come, join and share our vision for a bright future

Dr. K.R.SHARMA Chairman