Practice Teaching
Practice teaching is conducted regularly in a disciplined manner. The Pupil Teacher takes full liberty to prove themselves with great efficiency and zeal. The time duration of practice teaching is almost one month. It's mandatory and strictly is being done in a professional manner. Various kinds of approach like BLOOM and RCEM. The proper time table with assigned periods is followed by the pupil teacher. Attendance is must. School time is followed by the morning assembly. Teaching subjects are taught by the students in the class rooms by teaching learning aids. The students get the opportunity to control as well as monitor the class. Before practice teaching micro and macro teaching are two vital part of teaching process. Learning by doing is the main skill by the micro teaching. Each and every students ensure the teaching skills to have the practice teaching more effective and interesting. Assignments and evaluation process are the main part of teaching process. Command over the both the language Hindi and English to teach the students in school is beneficial for the pupil teacher. Uniform code is also practiced to bring the feeling of professionalism. The pupil teachers are privileged to follow the teaching practice in famous and prestigious schools i.e.
  1. Shaheed Bhagat Singh Inter College (Surajpur)
  2. Bangel Kenya Inter College (Bhangel)
  3. Chandravati Public School (Kasna)
  4. Sent Yuvraj Inter College (Sec-39, Barola)
  5. Froebel Public Inter College (Sec-39, Barola)
  6. R.S. Public School (Ladpura)
  7. Aryadeep Public School (Surajpur)
Practice teaching enables each and every student to become a good teacher and honest human being.