Mission & Vision
To be a world-class centre of professional courses viz. B.B.A , B.C.A and B.Ed. driven by professionalism, dynamism, innovation and value systems.

The academic curriculum in the professional education needs to adopt to the professional standards that are being demanded today from the managers of the enterprises.

The professional education must imbibe self-confidence in the trainees and the future professionals. The personal side of the professional graduates is as crucial as the professional side.

As the industry needs are changing every day, the course curriculum should be adopted to these changes.
The syllabus also has to include a lot of soft skills apart from the professional knowledge and skills.

The need is to train the students with in the enhancement of an overall personality and not just stop with developing professional Skills, so as to enable them to easily adapt to the corporate world, where they have to finally enter. We also realize the need for students to be well informed about highly contemporary issues that are happening and affecting the world environment on the global basis.

The students should value the culture and ethics and be respectable citizens, rather than just being professionals.

We give due weightage to factors like personality development, communication and interpersonal skills to figure in curriculum while addressing the latest in the respective professional arena.

We want our students to stand out in the crowd and be respected for what he is and what he is capable of .A good loading of case studies in the curriculum shall be provided , since the case study methods involve a great deal of Interactions and deliberation that makes learning easy.s