Psychology Lab
This lab is totally based on various branches of psychology. The pupil teacher gets the opportunity to do the psychological tests with lot of interest and diligence. IQ test, personality test, TAT test, is being conducted with the proper guidance of psychologist cum specialist.

1) Vocational Interest Record - Dr. S.P. Kulshrestha
2) Teaching Aptitude Test Battery - Dr. R.P. Singh & Dr. S.N. Sharma
3) Manual Educational Interest Record - Dr. S.P. Kulshrestha
4) Test of Creativity (PTC) Verbal & Non-Verbal By - B.K. Passi.
5) Group Test of Intelligence- Promila Ahuja
6) Performance test of Intelligence. By Dr. C.M. Bhatia
7) Self Concept personality test- Prathibha
8) Adjustment Inventory for School Students- Sinha
9) Non Verbal Group Intelligence Test By Imtisungba
10) Teacher Emotional Intelligence Inventory- Mangal
11) T.A.T. Blank (Stories Recording) By Mahesh Bhargave.
12) Portraits of Eminent Psychologist
13)Sharma Academic Achievement Motivation Test (AAMT) - T.R. Sharma
14) Sodhi's Attitude Scale - T.S. Sodhi
15) Non- Verbal Test for Creative Thinking - Baquer Mehndi
16) TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) - Uma Choudhary Indian Adaptation of Henry Murray
17) Problem Check List - M. C. Joshi & Dr. Jagdish Pandey
18) Mixed Type Group Test of Intelligence - Dr. P.N. Mehrotra
19) Teacher Adjustment Inventory - Dr. S.K. Mangal
20) 16 Points (Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire)
21) Battery of Performance Test of Intelligence - Dr. C.M. Bhatia
22) Self- Concept Questionnaire - Dr. Raj Kumar Saraswat
23) Self Esteem Inventory Test
24) Value Test
25) P.G.I. Memory Scale (AGIMS)
26) Carrer Intrest Inventory (CII)
27) General Memory Test